Security Measures

I’m currently trying to find a good security setup for the network here at home. Each computer is currently running Norton Antivirus, but I really want to get everybody firewalled too, and of course be legal 🙂 I’ve been very happy with Norton Antivirus, and Norton Internet Security often comes top of firewall reviews, so I was looking at buying a 5-user pack. NIS includes NAV, so that looked like an excellent solution. This would be £252.62 from Dabs.

However, I also spotted something called Client Security, which sounds even better. It’s an ‘integrated solution for client security with virus protection, firewall and intrusion detection’. So far, so NIS. It is, however, all centralised. So I can control all the firewall rules, virus updates etc. from the server. The problem is, it’s £240.87 from Dabs. So how come it’s cheaper? I’m worried now.

All I can think is that, given that NAV, NIS and CS are all subscription based, the annual subscription charge will be more for CS than for the NIS 5-pack. Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem like enough to account for the lower price. CS is also, helpfully, a ghost product. Because of the business orientation, I think, I’ve only been able to find one review.

I’m tempted, though, as it seems perfect for my needs. Does anyone, by any chance, have any experience of it? Or can you think of anything I’m missing, like the fact you have to connect a testicle to the serial port as a security key, or something?