Tiredness & TFT Madness

I picked Kate up from York today, and am now exhausted. So I have nothing of import to say. No change there then. I shall, however, tell you a little story:

I was setting up a TFT monitor yesterday. I attached the stand, feeding the VGA cable through the appropriate slot, then looked for the power socket. It was one of those little round ones (that’s the technical term) rather than a large 3-pin hole. It wasn’t visible. So I did what any self-respecting tech shouldn’t do, and checked the manual. It was apparently next to the VGA socket. I chastised myself for being so stupid as to miss this, and removed the stand. No socket. There was, however, a sheet of metal punctured with various holes, that looked like it might be the remains or unfinished portion of where the socket should have been. This seemed possible, but highly unlikely.

I spent another fifteen minutes looking for the damn socket…slowly becoming more and more frustrated. It definitely wasn’t anywhere on the stand, or, as far as I could tell, the monitor itself. Eventually I left it, thinking I must have got to the stage where it’s right in front of me but I can’t see it, and would go back in an hour’s time. I felt very stupid, but sometimes these things happen. An hour later, still no joy. Two minutes later, I found it.

Guess where. Once someone gets it I’ll update the post.

UPDATE: Simon B deduced the location. The socket was part of the VGA connector that attaches to the back of the computer. Weird. I’ve seen this on rechargeable mouses and PDAs before, but never on a monitor. Ah well, at least I know for the future!