Security Update

I’ve read at least two reports in the last five minutes on the seriousness of a new security problem that affects all versions of Windows XP, as well as 2000 and NT4. More details here. When MSBlast hit it caused chaos, but we were lucky – it wasn’t destructive. Somebody’s undoubtedly already exploiting this new vulnerability and they may not be as ‘nice’, so get patched up via Windows Update, or you can download it directly here.

If you need any advice about updating / firewalls / virus scanners, I’ve got a page on Ballistic Duck devoted to security issues (please let me know if you feel I’ve missed anything, too).

Incidentally, I keep reading articles/posts recommending against any kind of auto-updating or use of Windows Update due to ‘the patch might break things – you should give it time to make sure’. Ignore this. This happened with a very early service pack for Windows NT. It was a long time ago, and hasn’t happened since. Even if it did, you’re almost certainly better off applying the patch than having Joe Hacker break into your PC and low-level format the hard drive.