From the most recent Tivo newsletter:

Possibility of a new UK TiVo

Humax have confirmed this month that they are in talks with TiVo over
the possibility of bringing a new TiVo box to the UK market.

While talks are clearly at an early stage, Humax have confirmed via
email to a number of TiVo owners that they are in discussions with
TiVo. One reply said: “We have yet to decide whether the product
should have DVD-recordable, or Freeview Terrestrial tuner, or just
simple HDD-recording function.”

Humax already manufacture a combined TiVo and DVD recorder in the USA.
If they were to bring a new box to the UK it would almost certainly
be based on the Series 2 architecture due to its lower costs.

The official line I have received from TiVo is “no comment”. Its the
first time they’ve ever said that to me 😉

Humax are interested in any feedback and suggestions for a new TiVo
product in the UK. If you want to give them your own comments then
see email or post in this thread: