The Sky at Day and Night

I just received another bill from O2…£275.05! Less my previous bill that’s still £173.99. Whoever has “my” phone is certainly getting their money’s worth. Mum suggested I look at “my” bill to see if there were any land line numbers, to see where in the country it’s being used. The only land line numbers were 0131, which is Edinburgh.

I signed up for the Open University Astronomy course a few days ago, and my kit arrived yesterday, complete with planisphere! This evening was clear, and from the back garden I managed to find a fair few constellations. I can now recognise Orion, Sirius and Ursa Major, amongst others. It’s great! I’ve been looking out of my bedroom window and am having trouble with a few star groups to the east, so I’m going to wait until later tonight when the Earth has turned so I can see them in un-tree-obstructed sky. This is so cool 🙂

I nipped out to a client’s house at about 8 this evening. It was only just around the corner but took a fair while as it wasn’t safe to go any faster than 15mph. On the way back I stopped on (the way up) the teeny little incline that is Manor Road to listen to a voicemail message, then couldn’t pull away! I moved about two metres before the wheels started to spin. Moving into second and even third gear didn’t help. Just to wind me up another car promptly appeared and overtook. Pah. Eventually I rolled backwards and angled myself into the centre of the road, where I hoped there would be more grip, and managed to pull away a bit further. I started spinning again within moments, though, and was just easing off with the intention of starting to roll backwards again when I hit the sweet spot and got moving. I’d thought of moving up a gear to slow the wheels down and get more grip, but not actually easing off the accelerator. So now I know that.