Where’s Neo?

I had a great weekend! We saw The Last Samurai, which I enjoyed, and I made Kate watch The Emperor’s New Groove, which was still extremely funny. I also picked up Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for the incredible sum of £1.99 in the HMV sale.

The Oscar Nominations were revealed today. LOTR: ROTK leads the pack with 11 nominations, with Master and Commander just behind with 10. Notable exceptions were Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Cold Mountain and either of the Matrix sequels, which I’d have expected to get nods for special effects at least. I always try to see the Best Picture nominees, and this year it means I’m going to have to see Mystic River, Lost in Translation and…Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit. Great. I’m sure it’ll be good really, it’s just that the trailer makes it look as entertaining as unix.

I’m trying to separate my posts into their respective topics, btw. Occasionally I’ve raised what I thought were a few interesting points and found that one takes over the comments, so we’ll see how it goes this way.