Tuition Fees

So the tuition fees vote was a bit close then! While I admit to being unsure as to the whole idea of students paying for university, nobody, like nobody, has come up with a reasonable alternative other general taxation. I don’t believe that’d work. People care way more about tax-rises than whether students, who whether deservedly or not have a reputation as spending three years drinking and partying while studying in their spare time, have to pay top-up fees. If the Tories promise significantly lower taxes they’re likely to get voted in, at which point they’d promptly introduce top-up fees.

The argument which everybody seems afraid to use is that perhaps so many people shouldn’t be going to university. When I was at school it was always what would happen, there was little choice in the matter. It doesn’t suit everyone, though. Maybe we should be pushing apprenticeships and other qualifications more. On the other hand, most employers demand a degree, by all accounts, so perhaps changing the system would be a far larger task than it seems.

Of course, the bill has to get through the House of Lords yet, and who knows what’ll happen there…