It’s Friday!

I’m off to see Kate this weekend, so there won’t be any updates for a few days. I generally buy a book from audible for the 2.5hr journey, but I’ve been getting a bit fed up with the audio quality recently, so have done something different. Given that the BBC have an online radio player where you can listen to various shows from the past week, I thought it might be fun to download a longish programme to listen to en route. I managed it, but it was nothing like as easy as I thought it would be.

The shows are in realplayer streaming format, so can’t be downloaded via normal methods. It’s also not as simple as you might imagine to record the output from one’s sound card. So…I found a slighly dubious program called “Streambox VCR”, which, via magical means that I don’t quite understand, can save streaming files to the hard drive. Firstly it would only download the 106-byte .rpm file, the address of which I extracted from the HTML, but if you open said file in Notepad it gives you the address of the static file (only available via the RTSP protocol), which Streambox VCR can then download. Once this was done, I converted it to a wav (also using Streambox VCR). My next problem was how to split this 1.74gb wav into 80-minute chunks, a task I eventually accomplished using the freeware CD Wave (Nero’s audio editor isn’t the most user friendly of programs). I then tried to burn these to CD, but had forgotten about the compulsory 2-second pause before the first track. This promptly pushed me over 80 mins, so I had to re-split the original file ino 75min chunks. Then I thought that it’s no good having one long track on the cd, so split it up into 5-minute tracks. Thankfully Nero could do this part for me. The whole process took about two hours and to answer your next question I did indeed have little work to do today.

Have a fun weekend!