Invasion of the Diddiphone

This is going to sound really, really strange: I’ve been having a computer problem for months now, but am in denial about it. Perhaps 75% of the time I copy and paste anything, pasting reveals…well…a little picture of a phone, like so: . Am I going crazy?! Re-copying and pasting gets rid of it, and it doesn’t happen when I’m just copying text around in Notepad: presumably it can only work in image-capable programs. There’s nothing weird in my startup and I’ve have checked for viruses etc…I imagine it’s a program conflict in some way, but I can’t figure it out. I suppose I could close each program one by one to narrow it down, but it doesn’t always happen anyway. [Whimpers]. Help.

I’ve just noticed that “selected” and “rejected” use the same keys in T9…I wonder what problems that’s caused. “You asked whether dessert should consist of jelly or dynamite monkey…We’ve selected the latter. Please supply.”