Yellow Diddyness


I’m at Nod‘s, btw (I made NO mistakes on the drive down! [Andrew does a victory dance]). We’re having a fine old time here.

On Friday night we watched the new pilot of Battlestar Galactica, which was actually pretty entertaining. I remember liking the original series and was worried this would be a real disappointment (I have similar worries for the new Quantum Leap currently in production), but was pleasantly surprised. The acting was up to decent sci-fi standards; the plot was pretty decent; the cylons were updated without being totally changed (except for one…she adds a whole new definition to “silicone based life-form”) and the special effects were impressive. There’s been a fair bit of consternation over the change of gender of certain characters, namely Starbuck and Boomer. I don’t really have a problem with this. Attitudes change. Today’s audience expect a certain amount of love interest. Incidentally, did you know that the original series got sued by George Lucas for ‘ripping-off’ Star Wars?


Yesterday we wandered along the seafront for a bit, then headed to the large shopping centre. Guess what I bought there? A REMOTE CONTROL CAR!!!!! I’ve never had one of these before! It’s yellow. And diddy. And only lasts for about a minute before it needs recharging. But it was only £6 so I’m not complaining. Woohoo.

After I’d bought the REMOTE CONTROL CAR we went bowling, then saw Paycheck at the cinema. I’d read the original Philip K. Dick short story, so knew the basic plot. Like Minority Report, it was heavily adapted for the screen, but in a way that’s necessary. PKD writes such hard sci-fi that mainstream audiences possibly wouldn’t get on with straight adaptations. I enjoyed it.

When we got back to Nod’s enviable flat we had tea and watched The Emperor’s New Groove. I nearly died laughing. It’s just Too Funny.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do today yet – will probably play it by ear.

You know what I got yesterday? A REMOTE CONTROL CAR!!!