Happy Tuesday!

I followed a great link from Howard Lovy’s Nanobot earlier today. It’s a general overview of the whole nanotechnology scene, and is fascinating. It certainly cleared up a few things I didn’t understand. The great thing about nanotechnology is that it’s going to happen no matter what; it’s just a matter of who will do it first. Naturally The Public, being as well-informed as your average prop shaft when it comes to scientific matters, are worried about the possible ramifications of nanotechnology – a la Prince Charles’ remarks on ‘grey goo’. Tough. No matter what legislation there is against it, sooner or later somebody somewhere is going to build an assembler, and then it’s a non-stop journey to nano-heaven or hell, according to preference. Woohoo, I’m glad I’m going to be alive for this.

I went to the wrong house when visiting a client this morning, and got a lady out of the bath by knocking on the door. Oops. I felt bad, but there was nothing I could have done to avoid it! There was no name/number on the house, you see.

I walked into my office a minute ago, reading something, and my computer spontaneously restarted! This is my computer. My computer doesn’t do stuff like that. Except it apparently does. Humph.

In interesting news from the day: Somebody’s going to be in trouble; someone’s already in trouble (holy mother of god!); somebody’s mighty relieved; somebody’s got a lot of toys, time and theology (the alliteration doesn’t quite work there, does it).