Last week Mum & Dad spotted a planning application for the “ex-UCI” site, and I just overheard them talking about it. In the last half-hour I found it on the Solihull Council Planning website…

Andrew’s Thoughts: Hmmm, I know, I’ll put this on my blog. I can’t imagine many other people will have seen it. It’s a bit of a scoop for me, really. Aren’t I clever.

So I was just about to type this up when the Solihull Times arrived. Headline: UCI MAY BE DEMOLISHED. So that scuppered that, then 🙂 I’d like to point out that the ST story is based entirely on the planning application, despite the exact same information being in their paper last week. There was no comment from UCI ‘at the time of going to press’. Ah well, it gives them something to write about, I suppose…not a fat lot happens in Solihull at the best of times.

I can see that UCI may be having trouble competing with Touchwood (new large shopping centre and 8-screen cinema), but I personally prefer it. I’m of a fairly average height, and find the seating at Cineworld quite uncomfortable due to the weirdly placed headrests. Kate, being smaller than me, has terrible trouble. Also UCI is £1.50 cheaper and most of the must-pay-money-to-be-noisy-in-the-dark kiddies can’t be bothered to get the bus there any more (not strictly true – the bloke one seat away from me at ROTK kept answering his mobile…I think that should be illegal and punishable by castration). There’s free parking, too.

Planning applications are interesting things, and seem to arouse great passions. Recently there was an application to build some apartments on Station Road. So some residents set up ‘The Doomsday Group’ (I think – it had the word ‘doomsday’ in it, anyway). Seriously. How pathetic. I mean, yes, I can see that if you don’t want it to happen you might set up some kind of committee. But ‘The Doomsday Group’? Get a grip, people! And they wonder why Dorridge has a reputation for being snobby.

Of course, it’s always possible for other people to even the balance. This guy makes his case really well, don’t you think?