Mars Rocks

NASA have released some extremely cool colour images from Spirit. I’m going to have to download the 40mb TIF (oop, it’s gone now, must have maxed out their bandwidth; hopefully it’ll be back later). I wonder how long that image took to transmit…the full resolution thing would take half an hour here, let alone across 90 million miles! It’ll be interesting to see what their infrared camera images are like. Different rocks emit different levels of heat, so you can tell a hell of a lot without going anywhere near the things. Any geologists reading? How come the nearby ‘sleepy hollow‘ isn’t full of rocks? Surely the winds are strong enough to cover it?

The Maestro data will be released tomorrow, according to the website. In case you’d forgotten, tomorrow is perhaps the biggest chance for Beagle 2 to contact Earth. If nothing is received then hope isn’t totally lost, but it’ll be a large blow. 12:13GMT…hopefully the 24hr news channels will be covering it. If nothing is received then there are longer communication periods from the 12th onwards, during which time ‘blind’ commands can be sent to the lander in an attempt to get it to maneuver into a proper position, or out from under a rock, or something.