Explore Mars From Your Desktop

SciScoop pointed me towards a slashdot posting by the Maestro team. What’s that, you ask? They’re the group that designed the software which is being used to analyse pictures and other data from the Spirit Mars rover. And you can download it, along with actual data from the lander. Highly highly highly cool stuff. They haven’t actually released any data for it yet, but they’ve promised to soon. The site was overloaded in minutes, such is the level of demand. I managed to download at maximum speed earlier, though. Sadly for dial-up users, it’s 38mb. I’m going to have a play later 🙂 Don’t bother going to the slashdot posting btw, it’s the typical we-must-find-a-way-to-say-this-is-stupid stuff, which really annoys me (honestly, I swear if the big bang had been reported on slashdot they’d have just said it was a stupid waste of energy by out-of-touch higher authorities with their own selfish agendas.)

The first communication opportunity with Beagle 2 via Mars Express will be on Wednesday 7th at 12:13GMT. It’ll be broadcast live. Gulp. I’ve refused to say ‘cross your fingers’ up to now, as it’s stupid. But whatever helps. Cross your fingers.