It’s Christmas Eve!!!

Today’s my favourite day of the year…The country settles to a gentle murmur as the preparations are finished and the houses made ready. The world feels, for once, like a nice place. There’s often a good film on, too.

Only one complaint from today: who designed my £3 ‘luxury’ wrapping paper? Being able to see through it isn’t overly conducive to its intended use…Other than that it’s been a great day.

I’m not sure if I’ll post tomorrow. If not, I hope everyone has a great day and that Santa brings you many exciting gifts!

EDIT: Can you imagine being Colin Pillinger tonight? Can’t imagine he’ll get any sleep. By this time tomorrow we’ll hopefully know whether Beagle 2 has landed safely… Having read the book, I have faith in the engineers and the hundreds of people who have laboured for so long. It’s been a six year wait…and it all comes down to the next twelve hours. There’s a lot that could go wrong, but I think the little ship will pull through. It deserves to.

My Christmas ‘present’ to you all is a vaguely Christmassy story I wrote back in November. Much like the last one I uploaded, it won’t get used for anything else, and I hate to waste these things 🙂

With the Wind

I hope you like it. Merry Christmas!