Christmassy Times

Snowman with a little sign saying 'Let It Snow' :-)On Sunday I listed the various films I was going to watch…as it turned out I saw Great Expectations, Muppet Christmas Carol, U-571, The Jackal and Forces of Nature – all in the same day! Yesterday Kate & I watched Scrooged (I insisted on setting an A-B repeat when she hits him with the toaster) and Analyze That. Heh, I love Christmas 🙂

Ok, so maybe my musical predictions weren’t entirely accurate…Gary Jules winning was a nice surprise! While I can see that The Darkness’ song was more christmassy, their general attitude and the fact that they’re already a successful group made me favour the underdog 🙂

We went to Notcutts yesterday to stock up on last minute baubles etc, and returned with Yon Jolly Man shown in the picture. He’s cool, on many levels.

I’ve got some shopping to do today, and will most likely meet Kate in Solihull for lunch. Then there’s a blood giving session.

Ooh ooh, O2 just got back to me with a different fax number, which appears to have worked!