Bensey’s Party

We went to Lynsey & Ben’s joint 21st birthday party last night – was good fun! It was nice to see people again, and there was an excellent spread of food available, including jelly :-))) I accidentally left my camera into the car, so when it was brought into the house the lens promptly steamed up. I only took seven photographs, four of which are a bit fuzzy 🙂 Not what you’d call a great photographic record of the occasion!

Kate’s away at a family gathering today, so I’m going to have a very slobby day and watch various films. Great Expectations is on in a bit, then there’s Jingle All The Way; this evening there’s U-571, and afterwards I might watch Muppet Christmas Carol (here comes Mr Humbug, here comes Mr Grim; if there was a prize for being mean the winner would be him! – or something like that). I have a large box of Cadbury Heroes too. And to think I accuse you students of being lazy…

What’ll be No.1 this evening? I’m thinking The Darkness, followed by Pop Idols, then Gary Jules.