I’m going to get some funny looks at the post office

DVD LabelI received ‘Analyze That’ from my DVD rental club this morning…with the label shown on the left. Goodness knows what the postman must think. To make things worse I received another DVD at the same time, with a similarly constructed ID code: The Ring!

I’m not entirely sure why I blurred out the address there…it’s not like it would be difficult to find it out, after all. Oh well, stops casual spamming, I suppose. I thought I’d better make the ID code slightly less clear, in case someone wants to steal my identity. I’m thinking that’s quite likely. Who wouldn’t want to be me, after all? Other than pop stars…and famous sportspeople…and zookeepers…and matchstick men…and quality control operatives at the jigsaw factory…and test pilots…and game developers…and builders…and students…Hmmm, maybe it was a pointless exercise after all.