The 16th?!

Yesterday I went into Woolworths (sorry Ben) to buy the ‘Mad World’ single I’ve been going on about. I had a look at the other singles on the shelf at the same time. The Pop Idol cover is £4, whereas The Darkness’ is only £2. Shrewd. Though, as Kate said, if you’re going to buy the Pop Idol single you’ll probably buy it anyway, no matter what the price. Current bets have The Darkness most likely to win, followed by Pop Idol then Gary Jules.

Not content with stopping light, now ways have been found to fire bullets around corners. That’d be great at Laser Quest…

As one of the comments says, this is an excellent summary of why maths is cool.

Winamp 5.0 is final, by the way. I’m just downloading it now, as someone must have tripped over the ftp server’s power cable during the day, or something.

Oh kak, today was Amazon’s last free shipping day! What do you mean, it’s Christmas Eve a week tomorrow? Don’t be so ridiculous!!! Presents? I’m meant to have sorted PRESENTS by now?!