Ed’s Party

Kate & I went to Ed‘s yesterday for his birthday party and had a great time. After a meal we went for a walk around Chester, which looked very nice with all its Christmas lights. Ed assembled the airzooka and we spent an inordinate amount of time fine-tuning the aim on each other 🙂 Many thanks to Ed for inviting us, it was good fun!

We had to go an interesting route back as the M42 was closed due to a chemical spillage of some kind (was still closed at 6 this morning, actually), but we’d used the M6 Toll that morning so the travelling time probably evened out overall. The latter road was the clearest motorway I’ve ever used! I haven’t used the M6 enough to appreciate any difference between the two, but it was certainly nice to drive on.

If you read the Michael Crichton speech from the other day, Lil’s reply is quite interesting.