It’s Friday!

Kate’s on the way home! Yay!!

Renée Zellweger has a voice that irritates me. I can’t explain why, she just does. Well, in Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones, anyway. Chicago was fine…Much as she bugs me, though, I have to admire her for this. Good grief.

I see that Jonathan Ross’ TV show won Comedy Entertainment Programme of the year at the recent British Comedy Awards. About damn time, in my opinion! He’s been the funnist man on TV for ages. I like him because his humour is on my wavelength, he actually knows what he’s talking about during interviews and he genuinely seems to be a nice person. I always find his radio show very entertaining (thankfully Kate does too, since I always insist on listening), even if the music isn’t really my thing.

I was reading a review on Amazon earlier, when this line cropped up:

They always say that God is in the detail, and the Flight simulator team have proved it here….

Isn’t it the devil who’s in the details? This is obviously an important life question, so I put it to the test. Googling (oops, shouldn’t verb nouns) “god is in the details” gets 185 results, while “devil is in the details” returns 5,340. Oh yes. Who wins? Me. Excuse me while I perform a victory dance.

Yesterday’s Michael Crichton link raised some interesting issues on the subject of skepticism, which this article furthers.

Some people say that men are inherently lazy…What, you knew that already? I can’t remember where I read that, should have written it down, really. It’s not our fault, though, things get easier all the time…

What’s the longest film you’ve seen? Titanic? Apocalypse Now? Pah! They are mere Minogues (small-but-perfectly-formed units of time dreamt up today by someone who shall remain nameless). Return of the King is well over 3 hours. We’re going to need supplies.

You know what this weekend is? It’s TB weekend. Some of you may know what this means and will now be experiencing surges of joy or hate, according to preference. Others will not. Boy, do you have a treat in store.

That’s called a teaser, by the way.