Trees, Sex, Jets and War

I signed up to the Extropy mailing list today and one of the first things it pointed me to was a thought-provoking speech by Michael Crichton. He makes the argument that environmentalism has developed many religious parallels, to the detriment of the cause as well as the world as a whole. I’d be interested to hear Lil or Lynsey’s view on this, as while it’s not directly their subjects I imagine it crosses over into their fields. It certainly stands up from the viewpoint of an uninformed observer, though I disagree with a couple of his points, particularly that second-hand smoke isn’t dangerous (just today I was reading this). I find the whole global warming not-being-real issue very interesting. It’s a subject that just won’t go away, and I’ve yet to hear any arguments contradicting them with reasons other than ‘the consensus is’…a position which doesn’t go down well. The speech is certainly worth a read, if you get a minute.

How much do you reckon this lens would cost, then? I’d love to have a play 🙂

I always like an amusing t-shirt, though they tend to just sit in the cupboard as I never have the guts to wear them. I don’t think Kate would let me wear this one, and I’d probably never actually want to display this. There are other, more expansive, models linked from that page, but be sure to read the description first, or you might end up spilling your cereal or something.

Michael Schumacher today felt what losing feels like…I shouldn’t think he’s too bothered, though, given that he was racing a Eurofighter.

In ‘Executive Orders’ by Tom Clancy a Nutso Terrorist Group lets loose the Ebola virus at a US convention hall. The fallout isn’t pretty, and given Tom Clancy’s penchant for predicting actual events (spoilers for Debt of Honour and Executive Orders) it’s a bit worrying. This is therefore nice to read.

By the way, not to brag, but 9/10.

Kate’s back tomorrow!! Yippee!! Right, I’m off to watch Apocalypse Now Redux. It’s going to be grim, but far too many people have said how great it is for me not to want to watch it. See you on the other side.