Christmas is coming…

I’ve been working on a Ballistic Duck christmas card for a few days now. I got the idea into my head that I should take a photo myself, and now it’s a matter of pride. Yesterday I moved practically every piece of furniture in the lounge for one reason or another. Books were removed from bookshelves, drawers from desks, ornaments from mantelpieces, computers from other offices…I’m really hoping it looks good in the end! I’ve been using Photoshop Elements to do all my editing. I’m sure The GIMP is better, but I don’t have time to learn it atm…also the lots of little windows floating over my desktop thing doesn’t endear me to the program 🙂

This morning I added a large update to yesterday’s post, in case anyone’s interested.

By the way, does anyone know what song ‘We’re going to have ourselves a convoy!’ comes from? I’m sure I heard it on the radio once. Google isn’t turning up anything useful, which probably means I’ve got the lyrics wrong…Aha, found it! Never mind.

Ben and I played the Broken Sword 3 demo at the weekend. It’s very nice graphically and the sound seemed effective, too. The control system may take a little getting used to, however. Firstly, it’s obviously designed for consoles, so isn’t exactly complex. Given the vast necessity for everything to be in 3D, there is no mouse at all. You move around with W, A, S and D (more on this in a tick) then select the options for whatever you happen to be looking at by using the arrow keys, which correspond to a 4-button arrangement of options on screen (ie, perfect for joypads). It’s somewhat limited compared to Monkey Island, but if that’s what people want, whatever. What bugs me is the navigation system. In Monkey Island / every other 3D game, you move around in relation to the character. If you push ‘up’, the character moves forward, ‘down’ goes backwards, ‘left’ left and ‘right’ right. In BS3, however, it’s done in relation to the screen. So if you want the character to move to the right hand side, you press ‘right’, no matter which direction he’s facing. ‘Up’ makes the character walk upwards, towards the top of the screen. This isn’t overly intuitive, and will require a lot of unlearning. I don’t find anything wrong with it in itself, I just don’t see why the ‘normal’ system wasn’t used. It’s only a minor quibble, really. I’ll probably be buying it anyway, since I adore adventure games of any kind, and Play currently have it for £17.99.

EDIT: Oops, I got the WASD and arrow keys the wrong way round…The latter control movement and the former the options. I hope the makers don’t sue me