It lives!

Due to popular demand, I return!

I had a good time in York. Kate and I saw “Love Actually” and “Master and Commander” as well as going to a youth theatre production. York looks very pretty in all its Christmas livery, and with Sunday evening’s fog I hopefully got some atmospheric photos. Due to a complete lack of forethought we spent hours on Sunday trying to find an advent calendar that wasn’t The Hulk, Fimbles or Barbie. We eventually discovered a pretty one at the back of Alders, and snapped it up.

I got back today at about half past 3. There were over 200 emails waiting for me, most of them spam/mailing list, as well as two magazines, a newsletter and a shiny blue box from O2. I went through my emails and opened the letter before finally turning my full attention to the little cube containing my new phone. At the top of the box was my invoice, then a welcome note from O2 explaining the full details of my contract. All very professional and nice. Underneath was the Nokia box. I pulled this out, then noticed something strange on the packaging. Hoping it wasa mistake, I opened the box to find a 7250i. A nice phone to be sure, but not what I had ordered, and £150 cheaper, despite the correct phone and total being on the invoice 🙂

I think I’m going to ditch O2, since it would appear that they suck!