Tribal Wrestling

A tribe of Native Americans named all women according to the animal hide from which they made their blanket. So one woman was known as Squaw of the Buffalo Hide, while another was known as Squaw of the Deer Hide. And there was a particularly strong woman who was known as the Squaw of the Hippopotamus Hide. She was as large and powerful as the animal from which her blanket was made.

Year after year, the woman would enter the tribal wrestling tournament and easily defeat all challenges from the Squaw of the Buffalo Hide, the Squaw of the Deer Hide, the Squaw of the Horse Hide and the Squaw of the Bear Hide. Finally, two of the squaws petitioned the chief to allow them to enter their sons as a wrestling tandem in order to defeat the Squaw of the Hippopotamus Hide.

When the match began, it became clear that the squaw had finally met an opponent that was her equal. The two sons wrestled and struggled vigorously. The match lasted for hours without a clear victor but finally the chief intervened and declared that, in the interests of the health and safety of the wrestlers, he would declare a winner.

The chief retired to his teepee, contemplated the great struggle and found it extremely difficult to decide a winner. After much deliberation, he came out and announced his decision…

“The Squaw of the Hippopotamus Hide is equal to the sons of the Squaws of the other two Hides.”