The 6600 reappeared on the O2 website this morning. I put my order through again…and it worked! I got the confirmation page (complete with certificate error due to them using a footer hosted on an insecure server) and email, so hopefully it’s all gone through ok. This saga doesn’t bode well, does it…Oh well, life is full of such adventures.

UPDATE @ 14:00: Apparently it’s been ‘passed to the warehouse for dispatch’. Well I never. Well, maybe I have, but that’s another matter.

My current provider is Singlepoint, who handle the billing on behalf of Vodafone. I get an automated call every few weeks to say they’ve noticed a “suspicious level of usage on my account”. This means I’ve called someone, and given my lack of use of the phone for phone purposes their software notices a massive percentage increase. They then say that my account will be suspended unless I call them. I have to phone and remove the block, every time. It’ll be interesting in a year’s time to see whether it’s O2 or Singlepoint that are lowest in my estimation.