Monday Musings

I think I’ve finally discovered what’s making IE revert to ‘smaller’ size text…it’s whenever I lock the computer (Windows Key + L). I haven’t mentioned that particular problem before, so those of you who hang on my every word need not fret.


Absynth, responsible for and some linux hosting customers is currently experiencing an abnormally high load causing sites to respond slowly. We are looking into this and hope to have it resolved soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

You won’t be reading this for a bit then. This means I can write whatever I like! Sadly, I have no dark and mysterious past to reveal in a shock revelation. Were I to be a car, I think I’d be a bubble car. Do you think Calista Flockhart is really a Ford Escort? Never mind. Here’s a report on contortionists that manages to use quite a lot of words to say not a lot. Actually, this reminds me of an event from my dark and mysterious past…I was actually engaged to a contortionist for a time. But she broke it off.