It seemed like a good idea at the time…

There are things in life that are risky, there are things that are downright stupid, and then there’s me. It was Kate’s birthday yesterday and the plan was to get a train home for the weekend, but not until after Friday’s seminar. I decided last night that a cool thing to do would be to go pick her up without telling her. Not wanting to keep you all in suspense, it came out ok in the end. But more through luck than any skill on my part.

I left the house at 9:30, pretending a client had an emergency computer problem, and headed to York. Her seminar finished at 12:15, her train was not until 14:40. I aimed to be waiting outside the classroom, but there was heavy traffic on the M1 and I subsequently arrived at 12:45. Meanwhile, Kate headed for the station and asked if her ticket could be used on an earlier train. Thankfully, it couldn’t. I didn’t know where she was, so under the pretence that a friend was in York and wanted to meet up, discovered her location. She had a heavy bag, however, so didn’t want to wander into town. I said I’d let him know. I only had enough change for a car park on the other side of York, so had to run across the city, hoping she wouldn’t decide to phone the friend, who I stupidly hadn’t primed for the eventuality. Thankfully, she hadn’t yet done so, and I managed to catch her at the station at about 13:15. Phew 🙂

The drive home was somewhat wet. It’s very difficult to know what to do on the motorway in such conditions. I tend to stick to the inside lane, but invariably end up following large lorries which kick up vast amounts of spray. Speeding up isn’t an option in that kind of rain/wind, and moving into the middle lane causes problems. It’s tricky. I got back at 18:00, and am exhausted now 🙂