Making Babies

Let’s say you’re a man, and you discover that your children are not related to you. What would you assume? Chances are, it would destroy the relationship. What, however, if you discover the same thing, but you’re a woman? This is, in fact, possible. According to this article, a woman can give birth completely naturally to children who are not her own, without using IVF.

The lady in question was a ‘chimera’ – a fusion of two non-identical embryos, i.e. twins. Cells from one twin are dominant in the blood, but in the ovaries cells from each twin co-exist. DNA tests are taken from blood cells, so when a child is conceived, it does not have to use ‘her’ DNA, so it is not in this sense her child. Interesting. While we’re talking about this kind of thing, did you know it’s possible for a woman to have fraternal twins, each fathered by a different man? Or that it’s possible 1 in 8 people start life as a twin?

I’ve just found an interesting overview of some of these topics here.