Imagery…kinda like a painting

Since getting my digital camera in May I’ve taken 2127 pictures, according to the sequential image numbers. At the moment they’re all sitting in date-named folders in the My Pictures directory, which isn’t overly conducive to browsing. At the weekend I discovered ACDSee Version 6. I’ve used version 4 for ages, as it has no equal in the speed at which it opens images, and had a sponsored mode. Version 6 introduces cataloguing, and it’s great 🙂 It creates a database of all your images. Using this you can go through each one and set categories, ratings, captions and keywords, as well as being able to see all the EXIF data on the technical details of the photos. I’ve gone through all 2000 and assigned categories, so now if I want to see all photos of the dog, for example, I just click the ‘Daisy’ category and they all appear. I’ve created categories based on places, people and various others such as ‘amusing’, ‘work’, ‘arty’ etc. Sadly for the rest of you, this means I have easy access to photos I may otherwise forget about, such as the one on the right (sorry, Ben). There are also rudimentary editing features, though I’ve got Photoshop Elements for that, but the rotating feature works very well and very quickly, so I’ll probably use that rather than wait the age PE takes to load.

Sadly, it’s not a free program. I may have to pay for this one, as it’s looking very useful.

In other news, Lynsey now has a blog. I’ve added her to the “Friend’s Links” section for easy access.