It’s a god-awful small affair…

My Mars course arrived today, and I have to say it looks excellent. My last course was revised last February, which seemed pretty impressive to me, but upon opening the new course book the first page has this picture. Bit new, then 🙂 The course book is laid out in a similar style to the previous one, and the aforementioned book on the Beagle 2 is also of a decent quality (44 days to go until touchdown, by the way). There’s a large topographic map of Mars too. It could just as well be a large green/red jellyfish for the amount of insight I can currently garner from it, but that’s what the course is for 😉

Thanks very much to everyone who’s read my story! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and was pretty nervous when I uploaded it, but you’ve all been very kind 🙂 It’s certainly encouraged me to re-draft my current story (which is again coming out too long), as I was getting somewhat despondent.

I installed the Google Deskbar over the weekend. It’s coming in pretty useful, particularly when combined with the ‘define:’ operator. Unfortunately my taskbar, being stuck on only one monitor atm, has hardly any space on it now, but hopefully that’ll be sorted soon.

Finally, my friend Nod shall henceforth be known as ‘the evil one’ for sending me the link to this game. I played it for an hour on sunday. Why? I have no idea. Got to level 12 though.