Stepping backwards

The following will be of little interest to anyone unfamiliar with the inner workings of Windows, just a warning 🙂

Earlier this year I had a choice between getting a nice 17″ LCD monitor, or 2×17″ CRTs (the prices are pretty much the same). I went for the latter, and haven’t regretted it. The nvidia nView software stretches the windows taskbar across both screens, so it’s like one big desktop. The only problems I’ve had have been either with games – scrolling around maps with the mouse isn’t very easy when the cursor just moves onto the next monitor – or with the odd software program not being able to display on anything but the primary monitor. Nothing huge.

Earlier today I downloaded RightMark 3dSound in an attempt to diagnose the madness that is my sound output. It revealed that my computer outputs sound based on an iteration involving fifteen random infinite sets derived from a distributed lava lamp. Or something. A good plan seemed to be to download the latest nForce drivers, as they control the audio and a new version came out recently. I installed these, and it made no difference to the sound, but did manage to wind me up in other ways.

The option to span the taskbar across the screens appears to have been removed in the new drivers. I initially thought this may be a conflict between the new nForce drivers and my old Detonators, so I installed the latest “ForceWare” – version 52.16. This didn’t help. All I can find on the internet is a reference to the ‘nView display settings’ window, in which you can choose to use ‘DualView’. This doesn’t appear on my computer, however, and I’m thinking it may only be for Quadro users. I could downgrade drivers, and probably will if I don’t sort this in a couple of days, it’s just so irritating!

If anyone can help…please do 🙂