A most enjoyable afternoon

Rarely do I feel a sense of camaraderie with more than one or two people, but standing in the queue to collect tickets for Matrix Revolutions, with perhaps 15 other people, I felt a fleeting sense of being part of something. It was quite strange. There were perhaps 10 people, all male and between 20 and 40, waiting for the cinema doors to open. A few more joined the queue later, and though I was seated on the second row I think there were around 40-50 people there in total. Not bad, considering that I saw Reloaded at its first screening and there were 7 of us. Only 2 of the 50, however, waited until the end of the credits, despite the cleaning staff turning the lights on, completing cleaning, then turning them off again.

As for the film, I don’t want to review it, I shall simply say that it was excellent. My head is still spinning. Go see it, you’ll enjoy yourself 🙂