Just a quick one

I’m a bit exhausted so can’t write for long. Due to unforseen circumstances I stayed in York last night, so came back this morning. Traffic was light, thankfully. I had a good weekend, I’ll probably write something about it tomorrow. I note nobody’s had a go at last Thursday’s puzzle yet…here’s a hint: The longbow wood is also a word for a certain creature mentioned in saturday’s post. Speaking of which, I see I put ‘which saves on the cost of an audio cd’. What I in fact meant was an audio book / story cd. I used to buy a tape for each journey, but when I upgraded to a car with a cd player I found that the cost rocketed to about &pound17, so I now download them from audible.com and burn them to CD-RW. This works out a lot cheaper, although the quality isn’t quite so good. I’ve listened to 5 or 6 Michael Connelly novels this way, as well as 1984, a PD James novel the title of which I can’t remember, Goldfinger, X-Files: Ruins and a couple of others that I can’t remember atm. It’s a nice way of getting through books I probably wouldn’t read otherwise.