Good morning chicklets, how are we all today? Excellent. Even you at the back with the mutant foot growing out of your neck? Fantastic.

Dad got up this morning, just like any other morning, and went downstairs to get the breakfast ready. He opened the curtains, only to see that the road had been invaded by Sheeps! There were millions of them, flocking up and down the road like a pack of deranged toddlers, eating trees, shrubbery and unfortunate passers-by.

I may be exaggerating slightly.

There were 5 in the garden of the house opposite, happily munching away. Dad had to play shepherd (we suggested buying him a little bo-beep outfit for Christmas, but he didn’t seem that impressed) and eventually managed to herd them back into the field from which they had escaped. You know what we could have done with? A sheepdog. We have a dog. Unfortunately, said dog was so frightened of the fireworks last night she refused to go to bed. So she had to share the bed of the last person up, who naturally would be the one to discover this problem. This person was me. My bed is a single bed. There is little room. I did not sleep well. Therefore I will probably be grouchy today. I am about to embark on a journey to York. Fortunately I have sweeties. If I leave soon I’ll be able to listen to the Jonathan Ross show for most of the way, which saves on the cost of an audio cd, which is my normal way of making the time go by.

So, my children, despair not at the lack of updates for the next few days. I shall return, unless I die that is, and be with you once more. Have a fun weekend. Syanora.