Socialising in its many forms

Last night I went to a leaving do for a friend of mine from Classic Rock. Of the 6 of us who worked there when I joined, she was the last to leave. I was nervous before going – I’m not the best at socialising, I tend to end up saying nothing for extended periods of time when around people older than me – but had a great time in the end. The other four were such nice people that I never really felt out of place, despite being the sole male representative 🙂 One of the others was the only other person I’ve ever met of a similar age who doesn’t like alcohol because of the taste, which was nice as I sometimes feel like a freak of nature! We went to Pizza Express in Stratford, which although strangely cold was very pleasant.

My friend Ben said yesterday that he’s heard good things about Crimson Skies, so I downloaded the demo. After discovering very quickly that a joystick is pretty much necessary, it was pretty good. I doubt I’ll buy it, but it made me realise my lack of adventure when it comes to computer games. I tend to only be interested in the classic first-person shooters, which is a bit silly since I’m so bad at the multiplayer aspect of them, without thinking that I could get into team-based games, flight sims etc. In this vein I’ve downloaded the Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty and IL-2 Sturmovik demos. The idea of being competent in a virtual spitfire / parachuting into battle as part of a unit is very appealing! Ben’s laughing now, he knows my that my real life team skills consist of pretending to want to be in a group then shooting them in the back the first opportunity I get – if laser quest / unreal tournament are anything to go by anyway. This is probably one of my many phases, but who knows, I might really enjoy it.