Sticky Iced Buns

“…directory does not exist, do you want setup to create it?”

It’s your DEFAULT directory! Is it likely to be there already? Why would I not want to create it, when I’ve already said that it’s ok to install there?! If you were a baker and I were a customer, and I bought some sticky iced buns, and you said “do you want a bag for these?” and I said “yes, please”, would you then say “I don’t have a bag in my hand, should I pick one up?”? And if you did, and I said “No”, would you say “Ok you obviously don’t want any sticky iced buns” and kick me out of the bakery? No. You know why not? Because bakers don’t do that sort of thing. If I want some sticky iced buns, I go in and say “I’d like some sticky iced buns please,” and they say “certainly, sir” and give me some sticky iced buns. In fact I’m so annoyed I’m going to go buy some sticky iced buns now. Iced buns iced buns iced buns.