I’ve never had tongueache before. I watched An American Werewolf in London the other evening, and broke out the aforementioned lollipop for the two hour duration. I have made absoloutely no impression whatsoever, and my tongue still hurts. On the innuendo scale I am aware of my position at perhaps the Dolly Parton level…but I don’t care šŸ™‚

The title of this entry was going to be ‘Frenulum-Ache’. The frenulum is the flap of skin between the tongue and the mouth. I quickly discovered that another body part goes by the same name, however. Before I give you more info, I should warn you that the second link should not be clicked on in public. This first one contains only a description. The first link I clicked on had pictures, so I felt it only fair to share that with you too. The concept of that kind of a frenulum-ache is not one that appeals.

btw, googling ‘flap of skin between tongue and mouth’ produces some…er…instructive results.