It’s Friday!

Really this time 😉

At 4.05pm today Concorde touched down for the last time. A lot of people are very sad about this, and I can see why. Concorde debuted in 1969, but as of now there are no longer any supersonic aircraft operating. It’s just bizarre. Massive fuel costs, terrorism and, perhaps more importantly, the noise even at slower speeds contributed to it no longer being economical; according to BA, anyway. I find it interesting that BA refused Richard Branson’s offers to buy it…Surely if economy was the only reason selling it to someone else wouldn’t be a problem, would it? I suppose the argument is that if it really was totally uneconomical then Concorde would fizzle out, whereas a spectacular finish like today brings the era to a satisfactory close. It’s just sad that such a technological marvel has spawned no children.

I’m not normally one for seeing beauty in machinery, but even I think that it looked pretty damn good…Did you know it had no flaps?

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I’ve visited SciScoop on a regular basis for well over a year now (since it used to be called Sci-Fi News, anyway) and it doesn’t seem to get anything like the traffic it deserves. I borrow the occasional link from there, as rickyjames does such a superb job of finding such damned interesting stuff. Such as this method of choosing your next book, or how to build your own segway, or bar code art. So head over there and help spread the word!

Dad has had a terrible cold this week, and I have a feeling that it’s starting to hit me. Just in time for the weekend, too! It’s no fun feeling sorry for yourself unless there’s a girlfriend around to look after you 🙂 Maybe I could hire one for the weekend…Why do I have this feeling I’ve just brought vast amounts of pain down on top of me?

Speaking of the wrath of those more important than us…The actor who plays Jesus in Mel Gibson’s controversial ‘The Passion of Christ’ was hit by lightning recently. Guess what this means? This means that God doesn’t like the idea. Yes. That’s exactly what it is.

So here’s the thing: Generally lightning only occurs in storms (although it can strike from clear skies), so I’m going to surmise that there was a storm going on at the time. Jim Caviezel, probably best known for Frequency, was standing underneath an umbrella in a storm. Various factors affect the path lightning takes to the ground, but it’s generally safe to assume that higher points will be struck more often than the ground. So standing an umbrella isn’t the best thing to be doing. Secondly, what kind of screwed-up God would send lightning bolts at actors playing roles in a film? That’s to say nothing of the fact that this particular film is remaining true to the bible to the extent that the dialogue is all aramaic with no subtitles.

Ahem. Ok, no more religious tirades this weekend 🙂 Except to point you here. No more now. Really.