It’s Late

Yep. The late ghost is up early tonight.

Just watched “The Human Mind”, which amongst other things investigated the signs that someone is lying. Indicators shown were: a marked difference in hand movements from when speaking the truth, a lack of eye contact and the lack of the first person when relaying a fabricated story. They interviewed a psychologist who after many years of research into the subject says he can normally tell when someone is lying. Would this be a good skill to have, I wonder. I can see arguments both ways. It’s a bit late for me to elucidate now, so I won’t 🙂 CSI last night, btw, said that people’s eyes move to the right when remembering and to the left when creating, so this may be another indicator.

In unrelated news, the Booker prize was last night won by “Vernon God Little” by “DBC Pierre” (real name Peter Finlay and a drug-addicted con artist – you like him already, don’t you). The Booker judges described it as a “coruscating black comedy”. So I looked up coruscating, and to coruscate means ‘to sparkle’. So the best compliment they could come up with was a word that’s already there, which doesn’t mean much when it comes to writing anyway. Chances of it not being very funny: probably quite high. Or maybe I’m just a cynical, grumpy, walking example of judgemental youth. I’d better read it, I suppose…