Outlook = Old & Busted.Eudora = New Hotness

Outlook is no more. Well, email-wise anyway. After it decided to re-download 154 messages (already downloaded, but left on the server for various reasons) I got fed up and moved everything over to Eudora. It didn’t go totally smoothly – my mailing list archive is now in triplicate – but I learnt a vast amount about the program in the process.

At about 3 this afternoon I wasn’t convinced it was such a good idea. Eudora was throwing up various problems of the very irritating variety, and the better-the-devil-you-know element was coming to mind. At about 4, however, it was like I suddenly ‘got it’. I solved a particularly annoying niggle, and then I could suddenly see why everyone raved about the program so much. Was quite odd, actually 🙂


If you copy ‘esoteric.epi’ from the plugins directory to the main directory many more options become available through the GUI, including the ability to turn off the error panel’s habit of springing to the foreground whenever there’s a problem.

I’ve got 8 different email accounts, and Norton Antivirus doesn’t like it when you try to connect to all of them simultaneously. Norton hijacks all pop3 traffic to scan for viruses, and seems to have a strop if you try to do too much at once. To fix this, go to the ‘threading’ options, and lower ‘maximum number of concurrent tasks’. People are whining all the time about Outlook’s lack of multi-threading, and the first thing I do in Eudora is turn it off!

I think I mentioned before that when transferring email it’s an all-or-nothing situation. To try to keep some control as to where it would all end up, I transferred using the imap server set up in the office (it uses the freeware Mercury Mail btw, which works extremely well). Outlook seemed to have trouble copying more than 2000 emails in one go, so I copied a folder at a time. Copy a folder’s worth into it from Outlook, then move them out in Eudora. Nice and easy 🙂