Agent Smith’s number plate in The Matrix Reloaded: “IS 5416”. Isaiah 54:16. Thanks Fark.

I can’t believe the number of people who complain about that film. Based on The Matrix, what exactly were people thinking The Matrix Reloaded was going to be? In my opinion TMR was a superb sequel, but that’s just me. I can see how if you didn’t like the first, you probably wouldn’t enjoy the second. However the number of people who claim to have loved TM but hated TMR is a bit odd, if you ask me. I honestly don’t see how someone who liked the first wouldn’t like the second. Is it possible they didn’t enjoy the first that much, but got sucked into the hype? Or do people just like to complain? It’s far easier to criticise than praise, after all. Here endeth the editorial.

Plan for this evening: Five show CSI: Miami followed by CSI on a Tuesday. Great entertainment, and you rarely come away not having learnt something.