Sit-com character

This game gets you to think of a character from a (presumably US) sitcom and tried to guess it by asking yes/no questions. It’s guessed correctly every time for me. My characters were: Diane from Cheers, Charlotte from Sex and the City and Eddie from Frasier. Clever 🙂

Update: It does dictators too, btw. It’s now successfully guessed Margaret Thatcher, Josh from West Wing and Sally from 3rd Rock from the Sun. It couldn’t get Greg from CSI though. Bwaahahaha. But then calling CSI a sitcom is pushing it a bit.

Update 2: It just got Dr. Pulaski from ST:TNG, Pike from Dad’s Army, Samantha Mulder from the X-Files and Clegg from Last of the Summer Wine. Now I’m impressed! I’m also thinking I could have spent this time doing something more productive…nah