It’s Friday!

Woohoo…no work for 2 whole days.

What to do, though? I have this habit of finding it’s sunday evening and I’ve done nothing all weekend. I could go find some pretty locations to take pictures of…there may be a competition in Practical Photography this month, thinking about it. I could paint the ceiling in my room…This is riveting stuff for you all, isn’t it 🙂

I notice that Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe has been released for free download! It’s to get publicity for H&D2, which is as good a reason as any, I suppose. May give it a try later, though I’m not normally into war games.

The last game I really got into was Neverwinter Nights. It (the single-player game) was fantastic for a long time, but I had some problems with the structure. I got to a point where I simply wasn’t powerful enough to kill the monsters I was facing. In the end I resorted to a walkthrough, which simply said that I should be able to kill them by now (you ‘level-up’ as you progress, and I wasn’t at a high enough level). Unfortunately, other than restart the game there is little you can do about this and in the end I got fed up.

The only FPS I’ve ever got totally hooked on was Half-Life, which was simply superb. I broke my golden rule and got excited about HL2, so it was really disappointing when everything went nuts and it got pushed back. Unreal Tournament was fun for a while, but I was never much good and didn’t have the patience to practice when I was getting fragged two or three times a minute. UT2K3 was a similar story, but UT2K4 looks promising…Onslaught mode sounds great (aircraft!) and Assault returns!

“The level starts off with both sides flying around in ships, trying to blast each other to smithereens, but eventually the action moves inside the base. Once the attacking team secures the docking bay, everybody spawns inside and engages in some more traditional, gun-to-gun combat.”

w00t 🙂