2013, then

Ok so this came round fast. Has anyone looked into whether time is still working right? I have suspicions. But highlights of the year: Danced a lot, with much training for a showdance in April then an amazing Pro-Am competition in Paris in December. I also found a few more local events to go to, with open-air dancing in Regent’s Park being a particular highlight. And I got to see the best dancers in the world compete at the Albert Hall. I had a big year at work, given that I essentially took all their systems apart and started from ... Read More »

10 years old

My little blog is 10 years old today. Blimey. That’s a total of 728,396 words, over 3,502 posts. Plus 6,828 comments, and over 35k words sitting in unpublished drafts. ‘Wonga’ wasn’t really a popular word when this site started. Now it has connotations, and I sometimes worry new people must think it’s all about me spending money, or something. I even got a confused email about this once. In reality it was just a funny sounding word, and I liked it. This site’s seen me leave home, start and shutter my own business, get into my long-term interests of Humanism ... Read More »

Dapper Day 2013

Dapper Day 2013

I first heard about Dapper Day via Boing Boing, who described it as: a day when masses of well-dressed, nattily turned out happy mutants converge on Disney parks to enjoy a day in fine style. Obviously this attracted my attention. I was in Disneyland Paris last year, and enjoyed it a lot. And I am, you know, occasionally a fan of dressing up. Therefore: win. But, as ever, the problem was finding companions. I’m generally happy to do things by myself, since the alternative is not doing them at all. But I couldn’t go alone to this. Walking around the ... Read More »

Not hot

I don’t like spicy food. Even the really ‘mild’ stuff  just tastes of hot – I don’t get any flavour from it, and I find eating it pretty unpleasant. I used to wonder if I was doing something wrong, or just not putting the effort in. But in the past few years I’ve realised I just don’t experience what everyone else seems to. It’d be interesting to know what’s going on here, and this article on a competition to eat the world’s hottest peppers is a good start. It explains that the hotness of a chilli is down to the ... Read More »

What not to wear

Last summer I got a clothes consultation for my birthday. One of those Trinny-and-Susannah things where someone tells you which colours suit you, which styles of clothes are most flattering, etc. I was intrigued. Obviously I have no clue about style, and I generally feel like a dork no matter what I wear, so this seemed a good way to fix that. I’d been in London a year, had some money saved, and was trying to feel more confident in general. Plus I was going to the Miami dancing competition that summer, and I figured it’d be nice to not ... Read More »



30! Celebrated by going to look at the London Zoo pelicans, who don’t even pretend not to be dinosaurs these days: Also meerkats, monkeys and a properly epic camel. Then it was off to Burn the Floor, which was bloody amazing – fastest, most intricate dance show I’ve seen, and performed by people who seem to love what they do. Can’t recommend it enough. Decade’s off to a good start. Read More »

Viennese Waltz showdance

Viennese Waltz showdance

This is the Viennese Waltz showdance we performed last weekend. We’d been training for it since Christmas, and I was pretty nervous. We’ll hopefully be doing it again at a competition in the summer. There’s a longer version here with our introduction and a brief post-dance interview, should you fancy that. I hadn’t worn tails for a dance before, so hired a suit. This was mortifying. The lady was very helpful, but the first thing she did was measure my chest and say ‘you are small, aren’t you?’. I murmured some agreement, and it turned out they don’t do shirts ... Read More »

Unexpected item in post area

On February 13th I received a card in the post. This was surprising. I was deep undercover, pretending to be nonchalant about Valentine’s Day, and this wasn’t helping. So I let myself have a few moments of idle dreaming that it was the start of some wonderful new chapter that would likely be the inspiration for the best romcom ever, probably starring one of the impossibly good-looking identical bearded people from Game of Thrones and ending with an amazingly witty and well lit set piece on top of a London Eye bubble that’d be a bit like Sleepless in Seattle ... Read More »

Pickles what

Here’s a lovely post about things the author misunderstood until an embarrassingly late age. The commenters join in with gusto, coming up with gems such as thinking Olivia Newton-John was Elton John’s ex-wife, and that ponies are baby horses. I’m glad lots of people have these. Some of mine: I didn’t know that salmon was pronounced ‘sammon’ till I was 15 or so. Thought they were different things (it’s unclear what, to be honest). This was notoriously revealed in a game of Taboo. I never understood why people said the Superman logo was an ‘S’ shape. I always saw the inverse pattern, ... Read More »

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