2014, then

Highlights Entered a bunch of UK dancing competitions. These are tougher than the international ones: there are more competitors, and the standard is higher. This was entirely the point, as I wanted to be challenged. And so I was: I failed, and I failed hard. Honestly, it was ridiculous. In the entire year I got through a single round, which took me into a quarter final. This was tougher to deal with than I’d anticipated, to be honest. But I’ll keep working. Hopefully I’ll get better. And it meant I got to dance at the Blackpool Winter Gardens, which was great (the dancing world is ... Read More »

Why you don’t like photos of yourself

Me: Hello! I thought you might like this photo of you. Them: Oh god it’s so awful. I understand this, I really do. I used to be the same. But now it makes me sad. If I’ve sent you a picture of yourself, it’s because I think you look good. And I’m probably a better judge than you. Not because I’m a photographer, but because I see you like everyone else sees you: I see the non-mirror-reversed version of you. And unless you’re a model or a visual performer, you probably don’t see this version very often. And it looks weird. ... Read More »


I was feeling pretty run down. Had been for months – maybe a year – and I figured it was lack of sleep. This was new: I often sleep badly, but I’d never had problems with tiredness. But, you know, age. So I bought Night School, and worked through its recommendations. I put up blackout curtains. I cut out blue light. I timed my sleep to circadian rhythms. It didn’t help. I got more sleep, sure, but still woke up with what I can only describe as a mushy head. The brain-feel that everything is further away than it should be. It was a dull weight at ... Read More »

June Gala Showdance

June Gala Showdance

We’d been working on this for over a year, off and on. There’s foxtrot, jive and cha-cha in there. Quite pleased with how it turned out – that’s probably the best we’d ever done it.   Read More »

2013, then

Ok so this came round fast. Has anyone looked into whether time is still working right? I have suspicions. But highlights of the year: Danced a lot, with much training for a showdance in April then an amazing Pro-Am competition in Paris in December. I also found a few more local events to go to, with open-air dancing in Regent’s Park being a particular highlight. And I got to see the best dancers in the world compete at the Albert Hall. I had a big year at work, given that I essentially took all their systems apart and started from ... Read More »

10 years old

My little blog is 10 years old today. Blimey. That’s a total of 728,396 words, over 3,502 posts. Plus 6,828 comments, and over 35k words sitting in unpublished drafts. ‘Wonga’ wasn’t really a popular word when this site started. Now it has connotations, and I sometimes worry new people must think it’s all about me spending money, or something. I even got a confused email about this once. In reality it was just a funny sounding word, and I liked it. This site’s seen me leave home, start and shutter my own business, get into my long-term interests of Humanism ... Read More »

Dapper Day 2013

Dapper Day 2013

I first heard about Dapper Day via Boing Boing, who described it as: a day when masses of well-dressed, nattily turned out happy mutants converge on Disney parks to enjoy a day in fine style. Obviously this attracted my attention. I was in Disneyland Paris last year, and enjoyed it a lot. And I am, you know, occasionally a fan of dressing up. Therefore: win. But, as ever, the problem was finding companions. I’m generally happy to do things by myself, since the alternative is not doing them at all. But I couldn’t go alone to this. Walking around the ... Read More »

Not hot

I don’t like spicy food. Even the really ‘mild’ stuff  just tastes of hot – I don’t get any flavour from it, and I find eating it pretty unpleasant. I used to wonder if I was doing something wrong, or just not putting the effort in. But in the past few years I’ve realised I just don’t experience what everyone else seems to. It’d be interesting to know what’s going on here, and this article on a competition to eat the world’s hottest peppers is a good start. It explains that the hotness of a chilli is down to the ... Read More »

What not to wear

Last summer I got a clothes consultation for my birthday. One of those Trinny-and-Susannah things where someone tells you which colours suit you, which styles of clothes are most flattering, etc. I was intrigued. Obviously I have no clue about style, and I generally feel like a dork no matter what I wear, so this seemed a good way to fix that. I’d been in London a year, had some money saved, and was trying to feel more confident in general. Plus I was going to the Miami dancing competition that summer, and I figured it’d be nice to not ... Read More »

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